Sunday, November 20, 2011


Right after Astro B.yond IPTV party, yours truly straight away rushed for second round to Zouk. The crowd was fully occupied from entrance to the club. Sematary covered the front area of club; creepy creatures , ghastly ghouls, vengeful poltergeist and girls in sluttiest outfits mingle around. It was non other than the HALLOWEEN !

People who dressed up in full costume could enter free; those who were not need to pay to enter. I was totally under dressed ; thanx to Kel who invited me got free passes.Coincidentally, my fatty cousins and her bunch of friends were there to meet up before we got in to the club. They claimed that I dressed like a little girl. I feel so not sexy that night. rawr!

For sure at happening event, it was not surprise to see familiar faces. From entrance, I had already bumped into YC who used to club together last time and my party animals
unimates.Also, saw some Nuffies were there too. Young people like us always claimed the night is forever young till we drop right?

Kelvin Tan who invited me to the party. Thanx :)

Got to meet Ms.Alice. Like finally!

Creepy creature 1#

Drunker Khen lose his wallet . Found back at the entrance; cash all gone but identity card still there. Lucky you!

Creepy creature 2#

Creepy creature 3#

Xin Ke, one of the hot chic I claimed in uni.

MookHen and Jimmy Tong with another creepy creature 4#

The guys who wanna join for the picture.

It was a breath taking night as in I could not have a sip of air due to the crowd. Velvet is still the room I prefer the most ; my body only takes order when comes to R&B genre. Dj Ken was the one spinned that night. He looked damn cool with his new hair cut and gold shades. My eyes keep peeking at him when I was standing nearby the spinning stage!


  1. No need peek at him lah. Just downright stare at him la. haha.

    Glad you had fun. :)