Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yours truly was 3 hours late for the party due to friend picked me up late and also the massive jam. By the time I arrived there was already 11pm . A bunch of friends were waiting for me to pass them the invitation cards. Annoying calls and texts kept coming makes me kindda meh...

Straight headed to Zone P line to get my wristband. Rushed into the hall ; meantime my idol Landy Wen was performing on the stage. I got so excited to see her live. She was definitely, awesomely & freakingly HOT in her golden blink glitter dress with a simple pony tail!

Songs that she performed including Re Lang, D.I.S.C.O and her popular -Sha Gua. I was about to enter Zone P after the hype performance,the crew stopped me due to my wristband was normal pass. wtf. Then I went back to the passes queue to ask why so I got normal instead of VIP. The excuse they gave was " full capacity and for safety purpose." I showed my wtf face of course. When I was wondering how the hell am I gonna enter to Zone P to meet up my lovely blogger friends, the crew there asked those who standing at the entrance move aside, there goes Landy Wen walked pass me to enter her car. We were so close! Back to the issue, saw Andy Kho and WiLee standing there. With the help of Andy, I got my VIP passes. They were just out of wristband, why gave lame excuse? End up I have to enter with the cards instead of the wristband. irritated much*

Rushed over to Zone P and showed my VIP card to the two huge size crews. Finally I get to join my lovely bloggers.They were all yelling why was I late. Henry Tan even asked me to down one shot while I could see he was a bit tipsy. That zone was fully packed but it never stop us from getting down the floor and jumping up the couch. Random camwhoring were all around whether you know or do not know each other. Party animals were all friends that night!

Spot familiar, tipsy, random and long time no see faces in following pictures:

Richard, who I supposed to get him VIP passes but stupid friends didn't call him up when they collect. Sorry dude. :(

Jess, Henry Tan & gf

The usual party animals in blogging bunch!

Emma from Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers. Visited her blog for contest before. Finally get to meet her! :)

The funny couple Tony &; Iris

Yeeing , the sweety pie!

Jessy & bf

See the Jfook already get high to show his undy!

Isaac, where is Janice?? bleuk

A random half naked guy! ouch*

Kah Mon, Benjamin &; Shaun

Josh & pretty Wilee

Wayne, my national service's friend. Purposely came over to my zone and find me. awww!

Fay with her beautiful dress.


Kevin Chan, who I didn't know called me asked if I am from Utar Ian's group. I was tipsy at that moment.

Secondary schoolmates Weilead and Sabrina!

Shii Teck


Ju Jin whom I see him everywhere.

Jess and Norah

11th November marked down the most awesome party night I ever attended!

* sorry for those I couldn't get to meet up with u guys- Max Choong, Adrain Leong and the Wow bunch!


  1. hehe u tipsy still take soo many pics!! hehehe niceeee !!! i like when u tipsy, cos u r are so funny and fun!

  2. LOL! why got half naked guys here!! :P

  3. Great shots. Looks like a fun event & you look lovely!

  4. hoh didnt mention my name. merajuk jor.