Monday, November 28, 2011


FREEDOM : SCREAM YOUR CHOICE this is the freakiest FREEDOM yet

Halloween party didn't mean to only celebrate in October. Missed out one of those creepiest nights ? Fret not worry, Freedom 360 had held up a chilling buffet of frightful fun complete with a potent mix of eyes popping thirst quenchers a month after.Up on the deck of the event had invited some of the craziest Djs spinning and splicing the slickest of sound.

Live Kl was the venue which took place on 19 November 2011.Freakazoid was the dresscode themed for the night .The long time didn't meet up Adrian Leong was my date a.k.a chauffeur. We headed to KL an hour earlier to avoid the massive jam on a heavy poured evening. During the event, I bumped into Georgina my unimate.

The colorful clown was quite active mingling and dancing with the crowd.

Just to capture our EYES! Guess who was the one covered with mask?

Yours truly, Adrian , Jackie & Isaac.

Actually heart pumped quite fast when I first saw Chucky. I was afraid of it's creepy look!

Trying to rest under table and they thought I was drunk. I wasn't!

Suki, Yours truly & Adrian

Chucky wanted to murder me from behind without me realizing.

We girls love skeleton!

Round applause to the effort Freedom 360 put in decorating the venue and also those creepy costumed characters which showed up. I don't feel sexy that night cause of my party look. It's time to grab some pretty dresses for upcoming events. Stay tuned!

Pictures above credited to Mr.Isaac