Saturday, November 5, 2011


Due to the last minute invitation by Mel, I got to attend the first ever fashion concert held by Help University students at Live, KL. Till now, yours truly still mixed up between Live and Alive for the venue.Mr. Elwyn was kind enough to be the chauffeur of two ladies that night. We weren't the early birds for that night; Mel kept receiving text and calls as the invitation passes was with her.

Invitation passes which look more like name cards.

Attenders were all well-dressed to the event. Bloggers as usual with cameras camwhoring and taking photographs here and there. Many familiar faces did put some effort to make themselves there, and not forget that I got to meet new face whom I only chat with her in Innit but not meet up for real -Erika! She is as petite as me, I don't feel left out after all. bleuk*

All the pretty ladies in the house.

Gentlemen in the house. ( pic credit to Eric )

There were some small bites served before we entered the hall. The bunch were like hungry kids grabbing food and drinks. Goodie bags were given after we registered overselves. Clara the main sponsor also offered free skin testing to check skin condition. The show finally starts after the food session.

Emcee of the night - Anita. Like the way she speaks, some sort of Marion's slang.

The event began with a brief video showing the models, photographers , and designers. Followed by local performances to hype and add up colors to this event to make it to the top.

Supposed Jacklyn Victor gonna perform but Dina took the replacement. Her powerful voice really made the audiences gone WOW!

Chique De Luxe

Beat The System. The lead singer stood beside me when I was upstairs taking photograph. Very close!

Tom Mystarz- Size petite , huge vocal!

Rythm in peace

Ning Baizura was back to the stage that she first performed.

Despite all the singing and dancing, here comes the main fashion show that we were really looking forward to.Let's check out which is the designs, photo and model that won the awards.

Before this, the following were some of my favourites designs. ( photos all credit to Eric )

1# Daring in mixing contrast colors is the trend now.

2# Classic down to earth colors which looks like royalty dress.

3# The accessories go well with the dress. My fav of all!

4# Glamorous gown is like more to Miss Universe costume.

5# My fav model. she is only 16!

Awards winning:

Best model : Sharminidevi
Best photographer : Jeremy
Best fashion designer : Carryn Goh

TFGN Champion : Elaine's team who grabbed away the amount of rm 10k. Congratz!


  1. lol seems like you enjoyed the night very much!

  2. wow nice! get to see those models sure very syok! XD