Tuesday, November 8, 2011


A late greetings to all my Hindu friends. Hope you guys enjoyed the one and only holiday. Though they are the minority in the country ; but it's a suggestion to government to extend at least a day more for their celebration.Last year, I had missed the dinner with dad's bestie, uncle Letchu's family. Therefore, I m so willing to follow my parents to pay them a visit. As I mentioned previously, I always like to hang out with different races friends.

Like my dress?

It's hardly to find a bestie that is different skin color and culture yet still willing to give a hand when you need help. Sometimes your closest relatives wouldn't put so much effort in helping; no offence but true.

In the afternoon, uncle Letchu and his neighbour came over to pick my parents and I headed over to his house at Shah Alam. Mummy overreacted in giving gift as returning for their invites; she asked uncle to stop by KFC to buy a bucket for the family.Already brought a packet full of cookies, juice and chocolate yet still wanna buy KFC. It was pouring cats and dogs once we reached KFC. And we waited for quite 20 minutes for our turned to make order.

Dragged till around 4pm only reach the first visit to Uncle Veloo's house. Whenever my house electricity went off or whatsoever is relevant that is under his helping compound, he will came over to help. Though mom and the family would have some communication barrier but I could see she was trying her best to create conversation. Coincidentally, his wife is a tailor like my mom used to be ; there goes some topic.

Cookies that the family served us. The most yummilicious is still the murukku. Aunty knew that I like it so much so she kept some of the cookies in a plastic can and some other food as return gift.The family was so good in manners, they even waited with us outside the house while we were waiting for Uncle letchu to come and pick us to his house which is just few street away.Due to Uncle letchu's son drove the car out, we have no choice but to sit uncle veloo's car to his place. We were like VIP, the family send us out till the front gate and waved goodbye. Their neighbours all were peeping at us like one kind.

Second round, it's to Uncle letchu's house to have lunch. the whole family including the grandma were busy preparing and cooking food for us. We just sit back and relax while watching tv and chatting with uncle. That was the first time I really get to talk to uncle that much. Got to know him much better.He told me how his brother and sister look down at him when he was poor before this. Now, he always earn money to make sure he gives a better life to his family. I could see tears on his eyes. He even told me must treat my parents good and all that. Indescribable feeling, I felt how he feel at that moment.

Some small bite while waiting for the meal to be served. Among this table, I like the sunflower cookies the most. the greeny jam looked one kind but it taste like jam. Not too sweet;just good. Got a can of that cookies home as well. Happy me!

Camwhored with mummy to avoid the starving and bored look. Wanted to take pictures with the family but they were busy preparing food in the kitchen.

All the hard work. Finally, this was the outcome. Uncle accompanied us on the dining table. The family didn't dine with us and still continue busy in the kitchen. There were fried crab, curry chicken and mutton, sambal prawn, mutu mayam and friend rice. I like the sambal prawn the most. I'm craving now while thinking back how it taste.

It was a different yet memorable to had homecook indian food for the second after so long. The first time was at Mr.Kumar's (f6's teacher) house.



  1. Those food looks really good.

  2. Niceeee, I never visited any indian friends' hse before during diwali.