Sunday, December 25, 2011

23.12.2011 , Friday

Supposed to have a week of freelance job around Christmas festive. Unfortunately, the person in charge didn't turn up with any news. So irresponsible!

This afternoon, Natasha dear came and picked me up and headed to Time Square. to meet up with Carrie dear. There were slightly traffic jam along way.

Carrie was there before us so I asked her to check out if Iphone 4s 16GB is available in Digi Center. What a  disappointment again after all.

At first, we wanted to dine in a Korean restaurant. It was full house and the boss passed us the menu to look through while standing. We decided not to have brunch due to the limited choice of food. We then changed to Nando's instead. 3person shared 2 person's portion.Small eater we are!

The sweet tooth , yours truly craved for Chatime . So the both of them were dragged along as well. Happily posed with out Chatime. Something epic happened after few shot of Carrie dear. Only 3 of us know and those passer by know bout it. LMAO

Love the pictures taken from Carrie's new camera. Color tone look naturally photoshop. Managed to took photo with Santa and beautiful Santaniras before the camera's battery died.They didn't give us candies like other kids got it. Why so? :(

Shopping was the main purpose of the day. Natasha and I shopped till drop while Carrie kept complaining she was sleepy cause her mood was to go for karaoke. But the princess me wasn't feel like it. And they asked me to pick one of the dresses as my belated birthday gift. This was my pick of dress!

Thanx both Carrie and Natasha dear!


  1. I was at Times Square that day too (: Shopped till drop! I like your floral pants btw, looks so cute on you.

  2. omg that dress! i have the same one, but the skirt is pink with white polkas rather than blue ><

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