Monday, December 26, 2011


Date : 17.12.2011, Saturday

It was a rainy day , with expected 2000 people were waiting at the meet up point Shah Alam Stadium around 3pm. The heavy poured and crew registration dragged the event started an hour late. Party go-er were sent to the secret location by buses after they received the tag or wristband after registered themselves.

Guess where was the party held? It's none other then the Carlsberg factory where the origin of the beer made of. With the perception that we were so gonna enjoy tasty beer from the event. Drums and cheers were stand by at the entrance to welcome us to the party.

The spacious surrounding of the factory were fully make use to create a fun and interesting theme park with lotsa games. Perhaps it was to bring out the kid in all party animals. Food stalls were along the street for us to pick and grab. What's more after 8pm was Carlsberg free flow all night long. woots!

The familiar faces:

BenDan & Labii

BenDan's bf, BenDan, Chutipond, Sher Lynn & Shii Teck

Ashter & Kin Mun

Ze clowns! Somehow I feel that they are gorgeous faces hidden behind the face painting.

Kate & Shii Teck

Anita, Yeeing & Ryan

Ryan, Norah & Kelvin

During the concert :

The performances were absolutely awesome! Yours truly get hyper after few cups of Carlsberg and dance like a so called sexy.With the line up such as Shawn Lee, Dennis Lau, Soren, Crossfire and a band of hot chics whom I forgotten the name.

The mixed around:


Chloe and Norah

Kyle from

Michael Yip shocked me with the sudden carry up on his shoulder.

Michelle and yours truly finally get our fake tattoo on.

Highschool mates Samuel & Alex.

My hair was glow in dark that night. I know I am sexy!

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