Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My pleasure to received a call from 7aste informing that I was one of the chosen V.I.P to attend the party which located at Laundry Bar, The Curve. The privileged of being V.I.P is that a table was reserved under my name, a bottle of Vodka was given and also three friends could be tagged along under my guest list. Under my guest list , I've invited my long no meet Unimate- Serene, blogging mate- Elwyn and highschool mate - Weng Foo.

After registration and reservation, Serene and I went to Popeyes to have dinner. Before I get out from the exit, a crew there stopped me . I thought wtf have I did. Then he asked me if i attended many parties before this cause I look familiar. Oh Sherry! You party too much till the crew could recognized your damn face.Back to the bar to meet up with the bunch and guess who we bumped into at the entrance queue; it was none other then Jimmy Tong. This guy always appeared in drinking events, that why were like "you again! "

Serene and I went inside the bar to Jimmy 's table to chill .

Kelvin, yours truly and Ryan.
Papabear the photobomb!

The two epic faces Benjamin and Elwyn vs sweet looking Mel and yours truly.

Met my new friends Chutipond , Genee and Andrew.

Happily ho;ding my second bottle took picture with ShiiTeck.

Jun Fook! What's with my so O.M.G extremely happy face?

The blogging couple, the good boy gone bad -Jayren :P

Yours truly look rather fat standing beside WF. FML

Isaac , why your eyes so big here?
I went to Anita and said " Hi Anita! " when she first reached. She was stunned for few seconds. LOL. And sorry for not replying your text cause I was busying entertaining here and there. :P

Shaun, you are getting more active in events nowadays!

Pirated Pitbull I claimed . Not with the glasses thou, get a shades! I guess he was too stress after his exam, that's why he went for bald.

Riachrd Teo, you look so lovely here. Feel like protecting you. #actinglikeataikahche

Shocked to see papabear at drinking events. It's a RARE!

Bendan, Jackie and Simon.

Like what Benjamin said " It's not the venue that matter, it's the companion makes the night great!" I am so agree with that phrase. :)