Sunday, December 4, 2011


Foremost, I am truly appreciate to all my lovely readers whom participated in commenting on my Johnnie Walker's post previously. Due to the welcomed response from you guys; yours truly got herself won the second place in the write up contest. Thank you once again. Besides receiving some exclusive prizes, three of my lucky readers got themselves each an invitation to the party.

The result of the contest released quite last minute a day before the party. The kindness friend of mine; Kelvin Tan collected the invitation passes at Aman Suria. He even volunteered himself to be my chauffeur. Yours truly was kindda down that night cause she was repeating wearing the same party dress that makes her so sake .I know it's time to shopping like seriously!

The exclusive passes.
(L) Gold chain - ladies. (R) Gold necklace - guys.
Registered online with the bar code before to the party to avoid long queue. Just scanned and go!

Oh ya! Did I mentioned where was the party held? It was at Live , KL. This place has virtually become my second home. The venue looked exclusively high class that night with few luxury cars displayed at ground floor. There was Black Label mixed testing and demonstration before we enter the club. Celebrities kindda photoshoot was provided as well. Few of my friends were working as the crews as photographers at entrance.

Tables with Black Label were displayed on each table in the club. It means free flow all night long ! At first, I was trying to control myself not to take alcohol due to the doctor advise. BUT, the blogging bunch kept tempting me to drink. I couldn't resist but to take two glasses. Soda was my main drink for the night. Pity not!

When there were parties, of course pictures would be the best prove to show.

Jia Yeen and Melissa; a night of photographers.

Ms. Labii, Benjamin & Hui Min.
First time spoke to HM, she is friendly. :)

Kelvin, the passes collector and chauffeur. :P

The Dj spoke mandarin. It was kindda weird to do so in club. Not cool!

Isaac, mana lao poh again? I wanna see Janice in upcoming parties!

Olivia was there as well!

Isaac's invited guest.

Yeong Boon; one of the winners for the invitation.

Jackie Loi looked good with the tie and vest.

Joel xiao di di.

Vivian Khoo from MHB.

Jazzlyn & Shennie whom we used to party together.

The pretty Wilee.

The tongue pose with Elwyn.

Ben Dan.

Red tomato Josh damn talkative that night. LOL

Emma from MHB.

This ang moh Dj was much more better than the previous one.

Andy Kho , the official photographer for almost every events.


New met friend from the write up contest - Ewin & Serene

Although the Johnnie Walker Step Inside the Black Circuit was in Brazil style, when comes to bloggers ; apa-apa styles also keluar. We are rockx no mater any styles!


  1. Thanks for the invites. :)
    Look forward to party with you more. haha

  2. So nice!!!! Won but cannot go T_T Happy birthday again!