Monday, December 19, 2011


An evening before the trip, I was all packed and ready to head over to my friend's place which located at Kajang. Aunt Wendy and her friend picked me up around 5pm  to Seputeh ktm station and from there I will take train to Serdang.Due to the massive traffic jam, we took an hour plus to reach the station and waited for almost half an hour for the train.Unfortunately, by the time the train arrived all the couches were fully crowded with human. The embarrassing moment happened when I asked those who stand in front of the entrance to let me squeeze into the train. They were all give me wtf look. Uncle had no better idea but to send me to Serdang. From there, we stuck on the road for another one an a half hour.My friend Yvonne was patient enough to wait me at the station for 2 hours till the sunset. After that, both of us then met up with Penny for dinner at Sushi Zanmai ,The Mines shopping mall.The night didn't ended there, we went to her friend's birthday party celebration before we finally got to rest at her house.

The kindness of Yvonne and her parents allowed me to stay over so that I could followed her to the airport in the next early morning. I treated her house like mine. Checked out whichever cosmetic she has, online with her laptop and watched dvd ;laze around till 1am. Guess what? Both of us dozed off in the chilling hall instead of in her bedroom.I rolled on the sofa till 2.30am only get to fall asleep. Headed to LCCT at 4 a.m in the morning to catch 7.30 am flight. Exhausted much till we slept like piggies on plane.

Excitedly waiting to depart.

Almost an hour journey to The Residence Hotel cost 400 baht for four person by cab.

Too early to check in the hotel. Leave our luggage at the receptionist counter and sit golf car to Siam Paragon mall.

The starving four  firstly dine at Taling Pling. The food serve there didn't really suit our taste bud.

This mall is slightly more high class and grand. It's like Pavilion in Malaysia. You know those rich ppl's hang out place. You can see all sort of luxury cars stopped by in front of the waiting stand. We walked around the mall to window shop till hotel check in time. Guess what's the first thing I bought ? Red love shape polka bra! Cause Morgan was having 40% sales.

I found Marvelous Cream quite interesting. Yvonne and I went and gave it a try. The girl in stall spoke Thai to us. After a long introduction, I plurk out saying " I don't understand what you say." Then she smiled and replied me in English.

Strawberry Mille Feulle Custard. Ice cream cost 129 bath + 20 bath for the crispy waffle = 149bath

Back to hotel for some rest and check out the leaflets to other places in Thailand. My next destination gonna be Chiang Mai !

At night, we went out for a fresh breeze to survey somewhere nearby. All the streets were fully decorate with Christmas colorful lighting and trees. Happening much!

Tutuk are the main transportation for foreigners to travel from one destination to another one which is nearby. Some tutu drivers are sponsor by the restaurants or tailor shop. We could get as low as 20 bath fee to travel by tutuk but with the condition we have to dropped by at  those sponsored shop. It's sort of a win win situation!

Dine at Pratunam Seafood Restaurant. The boss could speak mandarin and cantonese surprisingly. I think my dad gonna fall in love with this restaurant cause it kept playing Elvis Presley's songs ; eventhough the food was so so.

Asked the Tutuk driver to drop us at the nearest night market. There we girls gone crazy with purchasing. This was the first stall and we already spent quite some amount.

Yvonne bought chains from this good looking guy's stall. I took his picture without him noticing.

Yours truly grabbed crazily as though the items selling at rm1 for each. Even got a new luggage bag cause I know for sure my purchased could't fit in my hand carry bag. Can u imagine it was only the first day!

A random guy from the night market asked us if we wanna watch Ping Pong show for 150bath per person. Before this, the tutu drive told us was 700 bath per person. We thought is cheaper so we went for it. It was definitely disgusting show I ever watched.No photos were allowed.Those Ah Gua with big boobs and without dicks looks awful. They used their bottom part to smoke cigarrate , shoot balloons, play pin pong , use marker pen to draw on paper, and from nowhere they took out a very long glow in dark string from the hole. Awkward moment when one of the Ah Gua kept aiming me when trying to play the ping pong. The ball bounce and fly over to me;juicy slide on my shoulder ,neck and even my mom's handbag which I carried.yucks After the show finished comes to payment, the total was a bomb! 6400bath for total. They convert it to US dollar instead of Thai bath. We fight for our right that it was 150bath per person as mentioned. The lady incharge fierce us and said if we don't pay she gonna call up. Luckily Wilson the only guy among us handle it. We only pay for the show not drinks, yet still cost us 1000 bath per person. Heartache max!

Bad experience already happened on the first night. Kindda ruined our mood cause of the indirect con. I could but 10 pieces of dresses or even more with 1000 bath okay!Took tutuk back to hotel. We went marry-go-round in the city due to the driver didn't know where exactly is the hotel located. Our hype went down hill to the max. The unlucky driver charge 200bath is definitely not enough.He went up and down hills to ask around where is the hotel. I was kindda pity if his tutu's fuel will finished halfway through back, so I topped up another extra 20 bath at least to help him. My friends all asked why I did so since we get conned before this; why being so generous. I just put myself in his shoes, pity him if he goes back without fuel.

Back to hotel with the dead fish look. Washed up and calculate the expenses of the day.Yours truly is always a hungry ghost when comes to midnight. I dragged Yvonne down to 7e to buy cup noodles and some junk to chill at room while watching tv till we doze off. Piggie to that extend!


  1. The transport is called tuktuk la. Tutu is a ballet skirt. LOL

  2. I went to Siam Paragon too! very high class shopping mall there! =)

  3. first day and already shopping like crazyyyyyyyyyyyy hahaha

  4. I cant stand seeing you typing tutu! It's tuk-tuk for God's sake!

    Ping Pong show is a scam. It's better to go for cabaret show.. about 600baht per person, if I'm not mistaken.