Thursday, December 29, 2011


Morning call from Wilson at 8.30 am in the morning to get us lazy ass down the bed to have breakfast provided by the hotel.

Buffet type of  self serving like other hotel do. We could picked choices of food that served there. [New discovered] wonder why the local coffee is so bitter though I had added few tea spoon of sugar.

Dolled and dressed up ourselves for outing after filling the tummy. This floral pink dress was from Penang and the orange flip-flop belongs to Yvonne. [lack of] a flower on my head.

Camwhored in Tracy's room since it has a big mirror to fit three of us into the frame. Her room is slightly better than ours with queen size bed and mirror. Our's was with seen through glass bathroom. [perfect for couple]

Tutuk fare were extremely cheap if we were willing to stop by the stop that the driver demand in order for him to earn extra point or fuel. This time we dropped by a tailor made shop for the 3 of them to have tailor customized suite and trousers . And a luxury jewelries showcase which we couldn't afford to buy anything but just look around.

Done with all the drama-rama deals. Next stop is a place which Yvonne's dad suggested a-must go- Chinatown before the trip. Traffic there was superb damn hectic. There was no separate road for transportation and human to pass by. Even a very small and narrow road along the street could fit bike, car and human to go through. [Dislike much!]

[1]Don't really know what's the fruit juice was all bout but it was a hitto along the street which could find almost everywhere. [2]Yvonne firstly seek for towel after we told her that we usually do not use towel provided by the hotel ; we used it as floor rug instead. [Freak her out!] 3*Yours truly was trying to pick few pair of earings but there weren't any nice one.[4] Enjoying the home made mini cup ice-cream . [recommended!]

\There were this dishonest tutuk driver trying to cheat us saying that if we took MRT to Cha Tu Chak would cost us 100 baht per person so why not he starightaway dropped us to the destination by charging the same fare. The smart us already did survey before we planned to take train. It only cost around 40bath per person okay! [ Thai people could be evil sometimes.]

Choosing souvenirs for my lovely blogders. Ain't you dolls feel lucky? [Syiok sendiri!] The weekend market is 5 times bigger than Petaling Street to be compared. The varieties there make me kindda fed up and gave up in really making decision to grab more clothes for myself. At least, I got something for my parents. [Which make them happy kidz after receiving.:)]

Dear blogders,
do check out the giveaway in my previous post. One more day to go till the result release. Good luck dolls!


  1. 5 times bigger than petaling street??? wow i can imagine how nice it is to shop there :P

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