Thursday, December 29, 2011


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About me:

[1] like to be the center of attention a.k.a the popular among the others; at least SOMEBODY instead of NOBODY.

[2] wish to be magazine cover girl; like the feeling of being recognized in the public.

[3] a realistic shopaholic . only go for beautiful yet affordable stuff which suits me; brands doesn't matter much.

[4] soft toys lover. Dooodolls are my new loves especially the one  white one with pink heart. What does it called?

[5] like to watch horror movies though i am afraid after the show cause the scenes will keep playing in my mind.

[6] wanted to try wearing color dolly lens; kindda afraid of the side effect and it takes some time a beginner to wear them.

[7] having dilemma in deciding to take Samsung Galaxy S2 or Iphone 4s. Perhaps wait for new phone in coming 2012 for another 1 day?

[8] wish to become a successful full time blogger. I know still long way to go.

[9] My favourite color is Red but recently I fall for Pink.

[10] bad habit. bite finger nails

[11] I don't remove my make up clearly after applied. Not even a proper facial wash for myself. Unless skin condition is getting bad then only i will apply mask.

Questions from Nana:
1.If someone hold you at a gun point, what is the first thing you think you will thought of?
of course I will cry for sure, my mind will be empty with heart beat pumping fast.

2.and if they ask you " Any last words?" what would your answer be?
can you please don't shoot me? I don't wanna die yet.

3. What animal do you think best represent yourself? Why?
squirrel, small yet quick.

4.Is there any animal you wish you can keep as pet? Why?
I already have a toy poodle Yoyo as a pet and i think that's enough.

5. Name one thing (if you have any) you vow never to do again but kept on doing it anyway?
Keep contacting my so called ex-boyfriend. I should cut off contact with him like ages ago.

6.Did you manage to complete this year's resolution? What is it?
I don't usually set resolution for the year cause I will never look back in the end of the year if I have fulfilled or not.

7. Do you have a new year resolution or are you just renewing the old one?
Wanna get a true men settled down for family and have babies.

8. Name me blogs that you always visit because it's your favorite (s).
Vivi 153

9. Have you ever meet me in person? What was your very first thought when you initially saw me?
First met you at CNY lou sang gathering.She could speak fluent english!

10.Do you dance/sing/ act?Or do you want to learn dance/sing/act?
Why not if I have the opportunity to learn new talents.

11. What is your biggest fear .. EVER!
When people look me in the eyes and sense that I am nervous.

Would skip the part where I have to create questions and tagged around.

1 comment:

  1. A squirrel suits u! haha
    Haha. Why is it so weird that I can speak fluent English? lol~ When I was working as a promoter part time, a lot of people were surprised by that too~ lol

    I hope you'll achieve your wish. And also, STOP contacting your ex! hehe.. The only way you can get over him is to stop contact with him for a while. Believe me, I was there. It make things easier..

    All the best girl!