Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wished to have a house party for my birthday. But too bad I was way too lazy to plan.Moreover there was no assistance so the day just gone like that. As you know,Sagittarius# always get excited too early and end up doing nothing. That's me!

Louis kor and the long time no see Lee Min visited me in the evening to pass me birthday gift. [ How sweet of them!]Surprise from the beloved family with the Tiramisu cake. Yours truly ain't a sweet food lover neither for cake. I only had a slice after three days I kept it in the fridge.

Repeated gifts from the girls. Bow bow paw now have a baby paw as her accompanion.It's also time to get Bow Bow Paw a wash up.If not it will turn blackish soon. I couldn't finish the  bottle of sticky that Louis gave me, the other one is still haven't open yet.

Thanx for all the blogders who supported me throughout the year of 2011. Pinky promise gonna update more interesting post to keep my blog alive. Perhaps more giveaways! Let's we welcome the new year 2012 to fill with lots of happiness and self promise everyday must be a meaningful one!

[Love those who appreciate you, ditch those who fool you]

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