Saturday, December 31, 2011


Packed our luggage right after breakfast. Headed to the lobby to check out before noon. Since it was still early for our flight; so we decided to keep our stuff at the lobby and go for a walk. We went back to Platinum morning market and mall again for the very last chance to grab anything we want.

Went there with a hand carry, come back with another huge luggage. [Shopaholic indeed!]

Yvonne and I were early so we camwhored around the hotel while waiting for the other two.

This was the place where you could see leng chai ang moh chilling with beer at night.

My top was so matching with the couch color.

Bangkok Business College is just right in front of our hotel.

The grass is always greener on the other side,nevertheless the flower is redder too.

Managed to catch up with Mr. Ronald after shopping. Siwadikap!

Rushed back to hotel to airport. The driver said it might take an hour due to the massive jam. We arrived airport within an hour by 4.30pm.It was 3 hours early before our flight. Couldn't even check in but to sit on a bench to rest.

Weighted our luggage before check in.

This statute was the attraction after we passed the check in gate.

Managed to spend my Thai baht at the very last minute to grab few boxes of chocolate as souveniors.

Flight delayed half an hour. By the time I reached home was already 2am in the morning. Give out the souvenirs I bought for my family. I am happy with my purchase but I wish I could stay a little longer in Bangkok. 

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  1. Four days three nights seem like not enough ho? Heheh If I go there sure luggage also not enough put :P btw I like your top (: