Monday, January 30, 2012


When grandma was here, we usually gather all the relatives at my place to have reunion steamboat at my place. But now since last year, location has shifted to my second aunt's place at Ampang Boulevard.As usual, the few close families my mum, third, fifth aunts and cousins would spend the night together to have home cook dinner. Headed down early to avoid traffic jam. Unfortunately, it poured cats and dogs. Luckily, I wasn't the one driving if not  i will be dam pek cek.

Pink top for the night.

First thing that caught my attention when I entered the house was this pretty collection from Beijing. I have the smaller version set from my friend as well.

Dinner starts when everyone arrived.

Lou Sang! For your information, I only eat those crispy keropok.

All the yummilicious credits to all the aunties including my mum. They are good cooks indeed!

The adults at a bigger round table.

While we kids at smaller square table.

After warmed up with lotsa food, it;s time to sing out loud!

This white bear was displayed at the staircase. The colorful balls are just balls not candies. LOL!

Personal karaoke room. Spacious enough for us to dance ballet in it!

I don't have good voice but I still wanna sing my Jay Chou's song no matter what.

Wonder why my sis didn't wanna join us. Is she weird or something?


  1. wow your second aunt's home was so big! still having the personal karaoke room! Cool... by the way, Happy CNY!!

  2. Wait what... personal karaoke roooooom?


  3. Wahh have personal karaoke room somemore! :D So nice!!