Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Early in the morning woke up as my third aunt family's tagged my family to go temple for prayers the night before. The time mentioned was 7.30am arrived my place however the family dragged till 2 hours later. The zombie me only had two hours sleep , force to get up from the bed and dolled up myself with unwillingness.

Outfit of the day:
Purple top frm Kitschen
Green Bag  frm The Curve
Jeans frm Time Square
Bracelet frm Bangkok

We were already late yet uncle took the wrong way so we marry-go -round at the round about which nearby Assunta hospital. The cousins then used google map to search for direction. The temple is located at Jalan Gasing. As usual after all the prayers, we brought home with the flower water to bath.

Headed to Jaya One to have breakfast since we were starving. Thought of having dim sum or chinese food,unfortunately all the restaurants were closed. The only choice we left was non other than Old Town Kopitiam. Service was damn sucks. It took damn long to serve though they were few tables of customers.

Mum's phone kept ringing while we were eating. Relatives called up and said that they were already at our place. My mum was rushing to go home even though she had not finished her food. I didn't get it why she always so kan cheong, let them wait in the car for few minutes ain't too much to ask right?

My mum is the eldest among her brothers and sisters.They will usually follow the sequence to do house visiting. Yours truly was effing exhausted and wanted to have a nap. The next second I know I had  to head down to Ampang for second aunt's house visit.

In the evening time, second uncle's family came all the way from Wangsa Maju . They drove two cars , you could imagine how many members are they. It's like almost 15 people or more. Huge family!Them follow by cousin Elaine and Vivien's family. My house was crowded with human all of a sudden in that evening.

My pretty niece, Chloe with all pink!

My nephew, Yang Yang who smile all the time. Adorable!
I wasn't good in carrying baby. His mom , cousin Irene plurk " Just like how you carry Yoyo!" LMAO

Even though my nephews and nieces supposed to call me aunt Sherry ; however their mum asked them to call me jie jie. I felt so young again. Nevertheless, I am still young okay!

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  1. aww! u look so skinny my dear! eat more! :)

  2. I totally understand, I ask all my nephews/nieces to call me gor gor as well. Blerk :P