Sunday, January 8, 2012


Through blogging and Facebook contest, I was lucky to get myself  seven invites to Hennessy NYX launch. The registration started at 8pm and the launch was held at a secret venue. We would only be leaded the way to the launch after we wore the white Hennessy glove that provided.

The registration booth was at centre point where the roadshow showcase.

Guess where is the secret location for Hennessy NYX launch? VERTIGO, The Garden. It was my first time there and the venue was already crowded with human by the time I stepped in the door.

The party kicked start with the pretty pretty emcee Julie Woon introducing the new Hennessy V.S.O.P NYX bottle.

Continue with some performances then Dj Blink served the party animals with his spinning skill. He is cute!

Simon Seow was being funny that night asked me " Eh, where is your boyfriend? " Hello people, I am single and available! :)

BenDan was so excited to see me at the launch. Lovely dress you have !

Since the place itself already packed like sandwich nor tables reserved for bloggers. Therefore, the whole bunch went to conquer the dance floor instead. Yeap,we bloggers are sporting ya know.

Photographers from Creative Visual Studio love we bloggers. The camera flash kept coming to our group. We felt like party rockstarz!

My laobeh camera then played its role to take some pictures for the night as well. It's time to change new camera. I want the Lumix GF2/3. Any sponsor?

Joseph Germani! He is the one create #likealousai in Twitter. I first knew about him was from Take Me Out TV show.Managed to get a picture with him just on time before he leave. Why lah Benjamin asked the girl join for the photo? I want a solo picture with him. :(

Bumped in to Kaven who work as senior account executive at Vertigo.

The color theme for the launch supposed to be purple and white. That's why I ended up with the long purple dress which look like a dinner more than party dress.About the new Hennessy V.S.O.P Nyx, some said it only change the packaging ; some said it's a brand new drink. Personal comment.,it taste like syrup mixed with alcohol.

Good job for Hennessy always making the party happening!


  1. I should have ask for you phone number after that =P

  2. you look gorgeous that day! ^^

  3. LOLz~ JUST TELL HER!! I WANT SOLO, shhooooo!! XS

  4. lol! i like the part "where is ur bf?" "Im single and available"