Monday, January 9, 2012


If a girl always go back to the guy after leaving cause she still hope that he will change back how he used to be when they first knew. Once she decided to let go, it means she sees no hope and hurt enough.

Sher's thought:

[a] When a girl is having cold war with the boyfriend
She doesn't mean don't wanna hear any phone call or see any text from him. All she wants is to let him make the first move to find her back. Guys often think that we girls need time to cool down, you guys are so wrong! We girls want a little attention, love and care whenever we say " Please do not find me anymore!"

[b] When she make the first move instead of the guy
It doesn't mean she is cheapo or whatsoever.She takes this relationship serious than the guy. Guys often couldn't put down their ego to at least let the girl win once in the quarrel game. Therefore, guys will take it for granted. They know no matter what they did, the girl will still come back for him.

[c] When she decided to begin her life without the guy
This is cause of she has tried too hard to remain the relationship yet see no better changes. All the sweat, tears and heartbreak are out of the limitation she could take anymore.Don't reserve a place for someone that don't worth your time, cause those who cares will find the way to your heart.


  1. Erm....i think basicallyit's the same for both guys and girls. Honestly don't think girls are the only ones trying to keep a relationship alive. But that's a diferent point of view together. If you interested, I blogged about what guys are thinking before.

    There are part 1 and 2 on top of the post if you are interested. XD just my two cent..haha

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  3. i also have too~ saw the latest post~

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  4. So true. It really depends on both sides. If thew guy no longer want to continue then whatever she does will not matter anymore.

  5. It is true that what u mention above, sometimes some people think it too much when a girl take a first move . . .

    well :)