Friday, January 13, 2012


Dolly, what are the qualities that you seek in a good/great/best boyfriend material? I know right! The list will go on and on . Reality , it's hardly to find someone that is perfect exactly like what the criteria you listed down. Mum always reminds me ' you could make your choice in choosing the other half, remember the guy have his own options as well.'What she meant here is don't be too choosy. When the time you are choosing, remember at the same time the guys are choosing as well.
Generally, girls are not as complicated as what guys always think we are. We demands for simple things such as cares, loves, time , honesty, faithfully etc.I realized on often happened situation is that ; guys make girls fell in the circle of love quick. Guys will be very sticky wanna meet 24/7 in the beginning of the relationship , however slowly situation changed. When girls get used to it and wanna spend more time with th e guys, he would find it unnecessary to meet up so often and excuses keep coming. Sigh
Sher's thought:
[a] Find a guy who call you beautiful instead of hot
Hotness doesn't stay long. It is cause of the way the girls dress and doll up that impressed.Perhaps 'fake beauty' that just pretty after applying crayon/water color. Beautiful from the inside out is a more permanent descriptive that a girl prefer to be compliment. The true personalities of a person stays always.
[b] Find a gus who calls you back when you hang up on him
Hate guys who always couldn't put down their ego to apologize to their partner eventhough it's their fault. Worst is that they even mention something like " You did that also, why can't I?" Damn cheapo,sissy and calculative can. Apologize doesn't mean one's wrong, it shows he/she appreciate the relationship more.
[c] Who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat/ stay awake just to watch you sleep
It's nice to have a little sit down and chit-chat of what have been going through within the couple in relationship. Bring out issues that always mattered in mind. Chat till fall asleep together sweetly while the hands are still holding tightly.The guys would stay awake to just watch the girls sleep like a pig with mouth open wide/ snore yet still tell her that she looks like a sleeping beauty.
[d] Wait for the boy who kisses your forehead
Yours truly personally prefer kiss on forehead or cheek rather then france kiss. Rather being hug from behind. It somehow make the girls feel warmth and being protected. Words can't describe how much a little actions could make a girls' day, deep inside she knows she is happy definitely.
[e] Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats
When you are in trouble or nervous, he will always there to support and calm you down instead of scolding how stupid or silly you are while giving a hand. Always concern and worry for you, rather then give u a text asking how are you. There's always different within words and actions. 
[f] Who holds your hand in front of his friends
Once a girl is couple with the guy, of course she wish that the guy will introduce her as his girlfriend instead of just name. This shows that he is proud to have her as his girlfriend. Sometimes do ask the girlfriend out to join his friends instead of giving lame excuse like " You don't know my friends also."
[g] Who thinks you are just as pretty without make up on
Guys often want their girlfriend to look good in the public whenever he brings her out for occasion. It's okay for the girls to put on make up to impress in front of the crowd. After all, she still has to reveal her true face to the boyfriend after removed make up. I don't think it is necessary to hide the without make up face. If he likes the girls, he will still like her no matter she looks shitty without make up or whatsoever.
[h] One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have you
Once a while text and call her saying how much you miss ,love and cares for her. Not too often cause it might sounds insincere if it's overly done.
[i] The one who turn to his friends and says, "THAT'S HER


  1. yes that is a keeper. but we return and do the same so that the boy can be proud and happy as well:D

  2. i wish my future bf will have all the qualities u listed in the list! :(

  3. My dear... in reality... don't think got such guys anymore lor. Maybe some of the criteria still got la. But most of the time, think don't have jor...

    More importantly, if guys didn't do all those actions, as long as he is true to his gf then that is all that matters. Anyway, if the couple is already perfect for each other, they don't have to do so many things to each other just to show they care, they simply will know and together build a journey towards the future.