Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yours truly couldn't be any prouder to keep staring at this picture repeatedly. Not because of the dude I took picture with,by the way he is Simon Seow.:) What I meant here is my skin complexion! Ain't it looks naturaly glowing with some pinkish blush. Love my look of the night so much ♥ Perhaps a little effect assist from Mr.Simon's camera.

Therefore, the lovely me gonna introduce the wonderful product to all the dolly here. Skin Glow In Light is a face product from Topshop. Lightweight reflective fluid to highlight cheeks, eyes, brows bone and body.Dot and blend onto cheeks, brow bones and body on bare skin or over makeup to highlight  and brighten.

Price: Reasonable & Affordable

Personal opinions:

I always wanted a product that could highlight my nose and cheek bone like those which reviewed om Taiwan tv show. The outcome of using one of those highlight face product could totally brought out the features more obvious and outstanding.

One day, I went to Topshop for shopping and saw this product. So excited to grab and make it mine on the next shopping spree . ( why I didn't buy it on the first day? check out SALES PERSON VS CUSTOMERS )  Wish to stock up more  before the sales end.

The sales girl taught me the way of applying before I purchase. She said is to apply on bare face before foundation. I was doubt whether she knows what is this product for cause normally is just to highlight some of the features.

The first time I applied was on Hennessy NYX Launch. Method of mine using is to apply on bare face, followed by BB cream then foundation powder and lastly the blusher. According to the instruction you could apply before or after applied make up.

Packaging itself already simple yet there's and shampoo type of pressing opener instead of squeezing the tube outta shape.Just a pea sized of this skin tint allows overall even coverage.Unlike many other other tinted moisturisers, no overwhelming smell.

It gives skin an amazing radiant glow and create dewy complexion. Contains of pink glitter that shows lovely slight shimmer on the skin. The glitter didn't show up instead leaving a lush and glow appearance to the skin.

Overall rating : ★ /5


  1. i see the glowing white skin too :) mine is kinda dark, help!

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  2. looking good! so you applied only on the selected spots you wanted to highlight or did you follow the salesgirl's instructions?

  3. Wah. At first I thought why my face is in a facial product post lol. Although I do go facial myself =P

  4. babe how much is it? :D I wanna hightlight my flat nose lol

  5. Really quite affordable. =) But I don't remember seeing make up in Topshop... Time for shopping!! =D