Saturday, February 11, 2012


Nothing much. Yet another lunch gathering at Aunt Serene's crib, Tropicana.We kids like to hang out here because there is a small hall upstairs with Band Hero waiting for us. This time the red couch was filled with soft toys. Teddies sort of made my day since I was unwell.

Fashion of the day :
Top frm bangkok
Pants frm Pull & Bear
Shoes frm Stuart Weitzman

Valentine's is in two days. I am gonna celebrate with my students as I have class on that damn night. Is not like I have date also. wtf  I am envy with those who found their true love but not to those who get into relationship cause of loneliness or others have and  they wanna have one too (kiasu).

Dear prince, where are you? Those who come after me, I don't like. Those I like, don't come to me. How sad :( I heard a rumors that the guy I admired since highschool is single now. Shall I make the first move to ask him out or remain like we just text to each other only on festive season? fml

Caption : Xiao Sa Zhou Yi Hui

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  1. well, perhaps you should take the first step! atleast u get to know how he thinks about you! =) good luck and all the best!

  2. i like ur red pants! sexy red! :)