Thursday, February 9, 2012

28 JAN 2012

Still on Chinese New Year mode. This year seems sort of quiet for visiting. I didn't give much bother about that actually. Would willing to sit down for some conversation unless the guest is someone I am close with.

Sze tagged me out to One Utama in that afternoon. We were hoping to catch at least a CNY movie since it was the festive season.With expected the queue at counter gonna be long, Bingo!The impatience princesses like us wouldn't give a damn to queue for the sake of it.We rather went shopping and get some drinks to chill. Bumped into another cousin while waiting outside Sasa. Couldn't recognize her with make up even though she called my name. swt"

Fashion of the day:
Dress frm Chic Pop Bazaar
Shoes  frm Jusco KLCC

For once I wasn't in bad hair day. Tied it up look much better than I usually let it down. Another reason I did so was to show the pair of vintage earings I matched with that day.From Topshop, the two ladies gone crazy to grab knickers. Wonder why so on a CNY? Weird us!

Dropped by Juice Work for some fresh and pure fruit juices.

Sze with her coconut drink.

Mua ordered Berrylicious which mixed with all types of berries and banana. Erm, why banana? It could taste better without banana I guess.

Yours truly is obsessed with cosmetics and  accessories lately. I am seeking for baby purple lipstick. Any dolly know where to get it? 

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  1. lol i always wonder how banana came out with juice! coz its like so dry!