Thursday, February 16, 2012



Bought this baby few months back but was too precious to unwrap the box till Chinese New Year came and I finally have the reason to apply it.

Ain't the colors too lovely to resist? It contains of glitters but didn't came across the problem like those cheap cosmetic which stain all over your skin after apply. I fully utilize it although it is meant to be only for the eye part.

Top row the most left white color: Apply it as base for the eyes to make the eyes look bigger.
Top row the third from the left maroon color : Apply it as blusher for a rosy cheek effect especially for night outings.
Top row the first from the right beige color: Apply it as highlight to lighten T zone especially to create pointy nose effect.
Bottom room the first from the right orange color : Apply it as blusher for day time to create the soft and natural look.

The rest of the colors apply as eyeshadows according to the events attending. Cheers :)