Monday, February 20, 2012


I assumed some of you dolly have saw this ribbon jeans on the fashionista blogger; Chessie's blog few months back. I remembered it cost a bomb around RM149. I even have the urge to buy since it looks so lovely on trendy. Now, I have found an online site which sell it only for only RM49. Compared to the previous price , I could get myself three pairs. What a happy discover!

I love this ribbon jeans due to its details. With side lovely bows, not like other plain flat smooth surface or just some torn details. Creative yet trendy which make me feels happy to even just look at it. The problem I am facing now is that the Size s waist is 72 cm, however my waist is only 64cm. How now? I think I shall grab it and set an aim to gain weight in order to fit in !


Next, it's the necklace look-alike collar. Came across this accessories from duo-gig site and By 2 music video. Often find  something is missing on ya neck when wearing some collarless top? Fret not, collar-necklace matches along with sleeveless and collarless top which carry out another stylish appearance.Between above the four types, which you think is nice?

Leave comment and suggestion here. :)


  1. Hey there! I really fell for the jeans with the ribbons on the side! ^^ May I ask where you bought it? Thanku :))