Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Mua always obsessed with  pretty shoes ! What's more when I see celebrities have tonnes of collections. How irresistible is that ya know? Unfortunate, God gives me a pair of size 3 feet which I hardly could find shoes that fit me. FML! Sometimes I insisted to buy the pair of shoes I spotted although I already know it isn't meant for me. What to do? I have no better choice okay!

Actually not a big fan of pvc material heels until I saw it on fashion magazine which matches it with plain color stockings. It bring out another feel of the shoes though!

This pinkish pair might look a little too aunty wear but with the ribbon is another fairy tale stories. The light plain pink shows a little girlish and sweetness in dressing.

Christmas tree look-alike heels. Green would never goes wrong with orange color. It came with the thick heels and the stripes to hook up. Just in love with the design seriously!


  1. i love all the pumps! especially sweet pink ones :) so niceee

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  2. I like the first one, but if it is not PVC one then it would be perfect! =)

  3. Awesome heels! And getting to know the awesome heels doesn't look good on my uber ugly feet is another story! Argh!