Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am starting to miss my long hair again. cries* Though I don't have shinny and silky hair previously,I think with long hair I look more attractive. perasan wei* My hair now is like not growing at all,it's not even until my shoulder length. Hardly could have a nice hairdo with  this short hair and it often gone out of shape even when I dry blow it patiently.pek cek *

Hebe Tian looks definitely stunning with her long curls. Plus, her hair color is so striking yet eye catchy. Hair is one of the factors to look good or not in change.Think twice before you want a total hair make over. So in love with her make up, hairdo, dressing in her newest album. I am considering to dye my hair to the color shown in the picture above.

Came across the news that JJ is kindda interested with Hebe Tian when searching for this song. He was like hinting and announcing to the world about it whenever he was being interviewed.He even blushed when Hebe's name is being mentioned. Wonder will they really work out as a lovely couple. Somehow I have the feeling that JJ is a good boyfriend's materials. don't know why.

Guys, if you could really understand the lyrics in this song. You will understand what girls want.

Been repeating this song for two days...

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  1. Didn't know about JJ having interest on Hebe until I read your post :P