Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The famous Nuffnang stick man has become part of my family member or shall I say I am part of the Nuffnang since year 2010. It doesn't matter who belongs to who, there's always a reason why faith brought us together.I've been blogging for three years, thanx to Nuffnang for accompany me through the up and down journey.

Therefore, how can I missed out one of my dearest birthday celebration? I ain't so heartless okay; unless I am not invited. Hope not so. Always wanted to plan out a surprise birthday bash for my friends, here I got the opportunity to do so for the Nuffnang stick man. Heard that the party gonna held at the Neverland club on this Sunday.

This is the invitation card that guests gonna receive.With the message:

Shoutout to all Nuffnanggers,

Dress to impress in blue.
Party like it's once in a blue moon.
Blue Neverland  is all you could expect!

Time: 6pm-10pm 

You know you love me
The Nuffnang stick man 

All the decoration came with good hidden meaning behind it.

Since the venue is in a club, we are so gonna party like there's once in a blue moon!In conjunction with the blue color theme, I am gonna suggest why not have a seaside party? Where the ceiling will be full of sparkling glow in dark stars and moon with dark blue background behind it.

Nuffnang will up shines with its name among all the blogging communities.

One side of the floor will be sandy in order for the Nuffnang stick man to make a print on it . The print will be then framed up in blue photo frame to place in Nuffnang office wall. It is to jot down the memorable big day that celebrated with all the lovely guests.

A memorable day to remember.

Besides that , the whole club will be lasered with blue lights to create the sea effect with the sound  of ocean. Not only that, there will be few hand-made coconut trees there to let the guests to hang their written wish and messages on color cardboard to the Nuffnang stick man .

May all the good wishes come true.

Last but not least, a surprise sunrise effect will be shown in the end of the party. This sum up the celebration with joy and happiness. May Nuffnang stick man have a blessed birthday celebration and grow its popularity to worldwide in upcoming years.

Rise and shine, that's what Nuffnang always do!

For the scheduled activities is a secret. Will only reveal until the day come. Stay tuned for the bloggers post-celebration blogpost!

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