Thursday, March 8, 2012


Thought it is another one of those plainly entertaining dancing kindda movies , however it turned out good surprisingly. Don't judge a movie by its trailer sometimes cause it never say it all.

This movie contains of religion & culture, teenage dreams , relationships from different aspects and point of views.

Parents : How overly protective could they be once some unexpected incident happened which  involved their children.

Wife/ Mom : How to balance herself to be supportive to the husband yet giving her kid enough freedom to be happy.

Daughter : How she react when she loses her brother in an accident and losing her mind in doing things to get rid of the problems.

Son of a mother : Who went through and take care of his mom all the while when she was sick and promise to be a better man in life after that.

Newbie in town : Who got cultured shocked. Stand up at his own point to persuade what he thinks is right to be done.

Religion: God loves His children. Be true to Him and He will guide you to the right path.

Rate : 8/10

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