Sunday, March 11, 2012


Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash
Venue: Neverland Club, KL
Date: 26 February
Time: 7pm

It was raining cat and dogs in the evening. To avoid from the massive traffic jam, we decided to head down KL earlier. Arrived the destination 2 hours before, while seeing the Nuffies busy preparing and decorating. Anne didn't allow us to enter nor help out so the bunch went to Pavilion for last minute  accessories shopping to match up our dressing that night.

The registration started at 7pm. We went through identity card checked before entering the club. Those are not 21 and above weren't allowed to enter at first but after all they could with the condition has to leave after 10pm. Oh come on ! It's a private event or perhaps it involved alcohol drinking, That's why the event sponsor restrict the entrance.

Yours truly's in blue maxi dress to go according the main blue themed of the party. Been searching for something blue a day before due to I didn't have any blue piece in wardrobe. It turned out pretty well on me with all the compliments I received and likes on Fb. My hard work of searching a blue dress paid it all. Happy me!

Although it was pouring heavily out there, it didn't stop we bloggers for attending the big celebration. The crowd were getting merrier around 8pm. We as usual camwhored and mingle with all the mates around before get the party started. We were all in different blue color tones. How cool were we right?

The host on that night was non other than the Fly Fm Dj Phat Fabes. Before that, there was a solo impressive break dance show performed. Followed by, the co-founder of Nuffnang Timothy's speech and also the birthday song and cut cake ceremony. The most awesome line up was the band named Figure It out. Awesome much! Lastly, with some games and prize give away.

More pictures before I leave the party for second round.

U-Fai's Belated Birthday Celebration
Venue: Sid's Pub, Damansara


It's been so long have not hang out with the bunch.  All have grown up with carriers and partners. More plans coming up. Perhaps the next trip after Krabi ? See you guys soon! :)


  1. The dress really suits you, but maybe can find a thinner belt (:

    1. Yea did tried to search that day couldnt find a thinner one so just go with what I can get on the very last minute.