Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Been through very tough month I should say.Emotional drastic change from extreme up to down hill. Anyway, I am alright after all with family and friends' support. Tell ya all a good news. Today is pay cheque day and I received salary increment just after 2 months of work due to my good performance. I am glad that my hard work pay and I got compliment from the headmistress. I feel great!

Lotsa delayed blogpost in this month. So, a quick recap what I've been doing all this while. Attending quite few of huge happening events.

Sepang Zouk : 7th April

Finally, got the right event to put on this lovely peterpan collar lace top which I bought from Bangkok. It only cost RM10, chepo much yet nice!

Wanted to attend this huge concert party but didn't got the invite at first, till last minute Samuel tagged me along. Lucky enough I should say, made me a happy girl !

First time hanging out with this little brother. He is nice and friendly , didn't feel any awkward moment at all. That's what I am afraid of everytime I hang out with new friend.

Afrojack was my main purpose to be there and I did enjoy my night with the crowd and beer. As usual, hangover after the concert. Had McD before headed back to crash.

Shabu-shabu : 8th April


Sudden craving for steamboat in that afternoon. Therefore, Carrie dear and I went for shabu-shabu for lunch. We couldn't finished the set that we each ordered... wasted.

Went for some shopping spree before our movie. Camwhored after exhausted of walking around the mall. The movie that we catch that day was Street Dance. Rating 8/10.

See the satisfaction I got that day. Like the headbands , polka dots and peterpan collar tops. The khai and orange pants still need to get some others tops to match with them.

LMFAO Concert : 9th April

Canceled my tuition class just to go for the long awaiting LMFAO concert. All thanx to sister is using the Samsung Galaxy Y , therefore I got to redeem two tickets to this concert.

Although my standing zone was far from the stage , I did enjoyed myself with the sweat dance and blasted  music. What's more with the RM15 per can of tiger beer. Crazy!

Bumped into Sydney and her friend Sean. A tall guy and two hot shorties! I remembered I plurked out words saying " tall guys shall die!" when someone blocking my view to see the stage. Oops!

Victor and I after the concert. A picture to proved we were there. LOL! Macam happening jer.

Supper at Menh Tien, tried the Taiwan sausage. Only one bite enough to kill me to dead. On the other hand, Sam was waited us at Ming Tien which is at Sunway. Miscommunication, we went for jalan 222 for nasi lemak before home.  what a food-ful night! :)


  1. Super awesome lo yr April! Hope May will be even awesome to you (: