Thursday, April 26, 2012


My April didn't just ended on my previous post. La la la la... sing a happy song with mua. :)

Random pictures showing how I usually dressed up for work. Madly in love with peterpan collar top recently .So,bear with me .

Starbucks meet up : 14th April

As usually, my all time favourite hot chocolate but this time went along with the blueberry cheese cake. Yummilicious!

Serene dear, my partner in crime. Don't remember when was the last time we met. I was glad to see her that day. She grown up a lot in thinking,lover her!

Tiger Asian Music Festival : 14th April

Pink roxy bikini in it to ready to rock the festival in Sunway Lagoon. My purpose there was to see A-Lin live. Unfortunately, it rained once we arrived not even 5 minutes.

Therefore, we leave the place early and went for KFC instead. What a disappointed night!!!! Shall just stay at home to complete my work.

Glenmorangie launch & after party : 20th April

Had dinner with Sam at Tony Roma's before the launch.We had some briefing about the different years Glenmorangie and also tasting session. Only few sip , my face already gone red!


The after party was held at Vertigo. Met all the familiar faces and also some new friends. I still want my long hair back, I don't feel sexy with short hair. LOL

 Met my ex-boyfriend there. I am very sure I have no more feelings for him. I am over you dude!We are now just strangers who used to be close...:)

More to come to end my awesome April!


  1. Hello Miss Fam! glad to see you enjoying life now!!:D

  2. sooo happy !! You're looking good in all the pic..;)

  3. I'm in love with peterpan collar tops too! *high 5*

  4. talking about tony roma... i need to go there again soon!