Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Yours truly been stressing up with all her workload everyday. Don't even have enough hours of beauty sleep, what's more to blog or go out. My daily repeating routines are  to go to kindergarten in the afternoon to teach and attend home tuition after that. All work, no play life is kindda shucks!

Usually, people thought that being a kindergarten teacher is an easy job. It ain't what you think like what it supposed to be. I have prepare sample books manually for next semester, find pictures for all the new wordings, write report cards, prepare craft and art work and etc.

This kindergarten is the most particular school I ever seen. It has weekly syllabus to be finished by this week before the exam. Teachers must standardize the teaching method so that each classes learn the same way, therefore the parents would not compare why is it different.

Everyday I go home with full handed with at least 5 piles of books to mark. It's kindda tiring and fed up to see all the messy and ugly hand writing. What to do ? Kids are kids, teachers are teachers.Not only teachers, the children do suffer from rushing all the homework just to prepare for the coming exam.

I love my job although the pay is not high, at least I always came home with smile on face and telling mom what's happening in school. Unlike all the office jogs I gone through, I went to work with unwillingness and didn't wanna mention anything about it after home.

My next dream is to open my own kindergarten. I know it's very long way to go. For now, I will just learn whatever task that's given to me.Tiring pays off when you love your job. Do what I like instead of listening to others. I am the one who control my life not others.

Be strong, tough and firm with your decisions.
Sherry, you know you can do it! :)


  1. awww, don't sleep too late, always take care of your health ya.

    ps: it's awesome when we get a job we love..

  2. be strong and get more experience! then opening a kindergarten wouldn't be hard! (I've worked in a company where it teaches mental arithmatic and has a kindergarten too)

  3. Stay tough my dear, you can do it! :) kindergarten teacher is definitely a tough job to be, but u will gain lots of happiness there! Fighting! :D