Saturday, April 14, 2012


God, I couldn't bear with the challenge you gave me anymore. I rather give up than suffer from heartbreak in every relationships that involved. I must be cursed from the two weeks spell  cause it seems almost all my relationship didn't last long and ended in two weeks time.

I felt stupid to fell for a guy so easily with his little caring action and trusted him for what he said. In the end, I found out that I was just the second option, nothing more than that. I even tried to save the relationship while he was busy going after the girl. Only I found out after that.

A guy whom can fell for two girls at the same time, he could fall for the third and fourth, so I have to let it go and cut ties with him. No point stuck on a bloody shit who play with feelings.God, please don't send me meet those idiot guys again and again. I am so enough of it seriously.

I know I ain't lovely, smart, pretty or any hot girls. I am just a stupid, silly dumb girl who believe people who come to me will accept for who I am and treat me sincerely and faithfully. An ordinary girl whom was hoping for love and tried to move on from previous relationship.

After all the things that happened, I would not believe in love anymore. I don't need a men who hurt me for nothing that I have done. I don't wanna be fooled by someone who doesn't love me for who I am. I don't wanna believe words that been said unless you really prove to me.

I am all alone now. Not even a true friend I have. I know I am annoying sometimes cause I was lack of attention. I would like to keep a distance from people around me after this. Not gonna attend any events in anytime soon. If it's better, God you could bring me to heaven to restart my life.


  1. You are not alone, believe me. By the way, let me share with you this entry,

    Hope to see you smiling and happy again. :)

  2. you always have us la.. cheer up pls

  3. Cheer up girl. I understood how u feel. :-) the only person you cna trust in this world is your own family. #truestory. Never ever trusted guys' sweet words and some action. Be patient and observe longer. Well, sometime it doesnt work by observing longer tho. LOL. Pray to God. I believe God will send you a better man in future! God blessed.

  4. huh?! omg?! 2 weeks spell? =S
    cheer up! and dont ever got that kind of thinking.
    there's no restart in life!

    anyway, you still got friends and family!

  5. The 1st thing on a guy's mind - sex. True story. If you can build a valuable friendship, then there may be hope of it being a relationship. Unless, he's in your "friend zone".

    Nevertheless, never let your guard down and be strong. Take it as a lesson learned and never to forget. God has his ways of teaching, but more importantly it's how we see and remember his lessons.

    P.S.: Sorry to sound preachy. I'm no Christian but I do believe in God.

    P.P.S.: One thing I've learned through relationships is don't keep it inside. Let it out. Plenty of girls to comfort you and good men who're here to listen. :)