Saturday, June 23, 2012


Do you believe that today was the first time Serene and I went to Kenanga Mall? I know right wth self pro-claimed KL people, to be exact I am PJ ppl lor. Serene dear picked me up in the noon and head down to kl. The traffic was slightly jam but at least moving slow.

We went round and round in the car park for more than half an hour just to find a space that nearby the mall. Then we got into a creepy level which look dark with no lights plus silence. It's like you could hear a pin dropped.

The excitement of shopping got us into craze and forgot where we parked the car after went into lift. Serene left something in her car so we turned back to find her car. We went floor by floor to check which floor was it. It makes me a little dizzy cause I have not taken breakfast.

outfit of the day : outer blazer ( bought 2 years back but doesn't know where to wear to), red round abstract necklace from Bali (by cousin )

We managed to took a picture with the mirror in the lift before anyone enter. I look fugly in that picture. Before began the shopping spree, we went to some malay restaurant to have breakfast. Surprising the food was good than what we expected.

My breakfast set with Thai fried rice which I got attempted by my kid in class who brought and make me realized it has been some time I have not have it and also my daily must addiction Nescafe.

 Kenanga mall is quite huge and spacious. According to my friends, it's a new open mall . Before this, it's only a street market. Somehow, it reminds me of Platinum mall. There are so many floors and you could shop till you drop seriously. It is a recommended place for those who do online blogshop too.

Serene and I wanted to get a pair of shoes but in the end only i got it even though it's doesn't fit my feet size but I just couldn't resist it. For accessories itself, I have already spent rm100 plus. Kill me pls! Plus, an outer floral wear and a handbags.

These pretty stuff cause my purse a big hole, but look at them makes me feel happy. I know I am a bimbo! Ignore the confusing feelings. haha...

Good night!


  1. I went there a few days ago too! indeed a huge shopping mall with tones of stuffs to shoo! :)

  2. wah! for Accessories already rm 100 plus? seriously? how much per unit there? I thought it would be much cheaper if buying in bulk or something.

  3. I went there for the first time too, last month! So much stuff there, i can spend almost the whole day there, haha! :D I like the bag you bought, very nice! :D

  4. wow. sounds revengeful. anyway, when you move on with your life, im sure you will forget about all that. cheers! =)

  5. hehehe. I love to spend on bags. xD

  6. Yes, it sure cost you a lot to buy those accessories but honestly, they are very beautiful! My favorites are the bag & the red shoes!