Sunday, June 24, 2012


It was sunny Sunday when you feel like doing nothing but just dip in the pool.Too bad I Headed to The Curve with Snoopy dear after my class. She wanted to go there cause of the SALES!

The look for morning class.

Then, I decided to tie my hair up cause the weather was killing the "puteri lilin" softly. Match with the bag I bought in Kenanga mall yesterday and a pair of brown vintage heels. Added a pearl bracelet as simplicity. Sometimes, it is better to dress down a little instead of exaggerate looking.

Finding parking itself was already took some time there. Snoopy wanted to have the meatball  in Ikea but the queue was just another waiting. So , we went to Bubba Gumo Shrimp Co. 

I was so in love with the ambient when I first entered. It's so cowboyish with those songs playing and the old classic decoration. Usually you could only see this kindda wooden hut in tv . Now I have the chance to experience it myself, love it to bits!

Another way of stopping the waiters to do you a favour. If you need their favour, just flip to "stop forest stop" . They will just stop by and assist you. Once the favour is done, flip back to " run forest run". What an unique creative way right?

The dining table is full with wording scribble. I always have a thing for cute wordings. :)

The table tennis -drinks racket's menu. It stated "Kids eat free!" I am not a kid but I act like one. wth...

The refillable Strawberry and Blueberrey quencher. The strawberries in the drinks is so crunchy and fresh. Nice one! :)

My lunch set with bread and rice go well with the chili soup shrimp.


Although the food charge there is a bit pricey , the environment is totally an eye open for visit. I would love to dine again in this place for sure! 

Shopping spree after that and called it a day.

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