Friday, July 27, 2012


Last month, me and a bunch of school teachers went for our beloved headmistress's grandson full moon. Few of the teachers gathered at my place and we car pooled headed to Subang Hi-Tech for the celebration. All the teachers were all well dressed up. While,  I pull off this blue high waist printed dress match with a pair of vintage style ear rings.

Last Tuesday, I had the urge to dress like the girl next door to school. Somehow, the dress remind me of the table cloth that my mom always put on table during festive seasons. My dresses or top always look good but my pair of torn shoes ruined the overall look.

Flawless lacey top match with knee length skirt. This mix and match end up look like a one piece dress. Simply just wear with a pearl  bracelet to add on the appearance.How good if my hair is long in this picture.. Hair ah hair, pls grow!

Wednesday, I decided to go for OL look. Striking pink bigw bow top with tight jeans skirt. Onc ei stepped in school, Esther babe 's response :" Wow, miss fam look so nice!" Elia babe: " miss fam is a fashion designer," I replied: " I am a teacher." in return. LMAO


  1. I guess students will more than happy to see their teacher dress nice and beautiful :P

  2. lol i think the mix and match one is nicer! =D