Saturday, July 28, 2012


Ended afternoon class, canceled the evening class. Simply pull off an outfit, headed out for birthday celebration. Karaoke session at Neway ss2. Big room provided and was freezing cold in it. Shivering while singing. The most classics songs that we sang were all backstreet boys' songs.
So much memories of school time!

Food comes with a drinks. My nuggets, crab meat and fries were coldly served. Bad enough when the room itself already so freezing cold. Dang you!

Dinner at Hainam kopitiam. Ordered hainam white coffee. It came with such a tiny cup, just like tea cup. However, it tasted nice. So it's acceptable!

Next stop, bazaar at jaya one. Get this bag for myself. It was love at first sight. Came with three designs. I like the printed picture on this bag but the pink color backgroud kindda ruin it. Eunice got herself one as well. Her's is blue background with another pictures. We can have sisters'  bag for outing!

Before ciao, went to starbucks to redeem buy one free one frappucino by using the voucher i had. It's only valid till 31st july, one more to go. I had java chip, normally I ordered hot choc in starbucks. It taste much better than the choc frappucino I had few days before.

Follow my blog for clothes give away. Once reach 150 followers , I will give out some of my clothes and dressed. Too many to keep, wardrobe has no space.

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