Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My babies always asking " Teacher, are we doing painting today?" I would like to see their joyful faces painting creatively. Sometimes, the syllabus is too packed till I couldn't finish  on time. Today, I managed to squeeze a 15 minutes time for them to do painting. They were so happy and energetic like it never happened when I asked them to do writing.

Then, I came across this one piece watercolor dress. It cost rm65. I saw it on another blogshop but it only cost rm49. Unfortunately, it was sold out. I really love this piece from the first glance with its abstract splash of colors. the price worth it or not? should i get it? the beige or the green one? u decide for me.


  1. Both colours are good but depending if u're wearing make-up with it. Green may make one looks pale. Good price! Lovely dress :)