Sunday, August 26, 2012


My two weeks holidays has finally comes to an end. This is the ever first time I felt the monday blues is hitting me. Perhaps the lazying around mode is still keeping on.On the other hand, I am so missing my babies , can't wait to see them tomorrow. So, let's go through a little how I "utilize" my time during holidays.


Breakfast in Shangrila hotel with aunts, cousin and nieces. Bumped into my students, didn't know they are brother and sister till that day. When I went to their table, and hugged the girl. The parents asked " you know this jie jie arr?" I replied: " I am her teacher in Tadika." Felt so great that people call me jie jie instead of yiyi ( aunty) as my niece call me that.

Headed to KLCC with mom after breakfast.  Thought it would be a relaxing shopping day since Malays had went back to kampung for Hari Raya. But, look at the crowd on that day kindda turn my mood off.

Just got myself a pair of painted shoes and some groceries for the family. That's mummy and i waiting for the bus at taman paramount. I wanted to make complaint about the rapid counter at klcc. I went to the counter for my rabbit card top up and the lady purposely put the sigh board saying no service when I was already stand there right in front of her, what's more there were no one behind me. Lazy dumb, make me have to queue at the machine. Bad service!

 At night, meet up with friends which I know from forum for quite some times for dinner. It's been so long time we have not hang out. I rushed to Jaya one right after my tuition class to meet this two xiao didi. It was pouring, the conversation kept continuing till 11pm.



The next day, woke up early and headed to sg.buloh to got my baby MyVi for check up. I brought over all my school work to my aunt's place to kill my time while my baby was seeing doctor. It was a productive day I would say. I finished quite lots of work.

Out of so many branch of KFC. I still find the one in Sg.Buloh served the best food. That was my craving on that day. It was all bout cheeseeee and potatoes. I am hungry now!

At night, Yvonne and I went to pyramid for movie and dinner. She introduced me this new app named WeChat. I am so addicted to it for the first few days but I got bored after that. We watced Paranorman 3D. I never thought of cartoon could be so interesting. Nice plot and storyline. Oh ya, I wasn't know it was in 3D till we paid total of rm21 with the glasses could bring home. So not worth it!


Nothing much just chilling at home to watch some series with minina.

Cousin Sze brought this blink blink elephant key chains back from Hatyai as souvenirs for me and sister.


Dressed up in black and red casually match with my favourite batman bangle. Chun right? Caught Katy Perry's Part of Me premier screening. It was more documentary instead of movie. It's all about her journey how she got into this industry and some said about her love life. It's kindda inspiring  where the part the story shows she still have to put on smile on stage to entertain the fans  although she was facing personal problem. 3D effect is bleh in this movie cause I couldn't see the stage performance like real life.


Finally I got to watch step up revolution with David. I wanted to watch it so badly but it turned out to be boring. I almost fall asleep in the cinema. The plot is always the same as the previous one, only the dance step makes the movie alive.

After the movie, David and I decided to walk separately. He went for hies beer chilling while I went to Boarders for some reading. Then walked around the mall to see some Yamaha's students were performing. 

Had lunch at my friend's stall at tropicana city mall. It's located at LG floor food court. Just go give a try. It taste yumillicious and big portion.

The purpose of meeting up with my girls was to discuss about our coming Taiwan trip on 6-9 September. I can't wait to shop till I drop!

Lastly, I borrow some make up books from my friends to have some references . My make up skill sucks need to improve

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