Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well, I have nothing to do with Chong Hwa school nor a student there. Apart, my aunt was the so called ex-student N years ago.The school celebrated 41th anniversary in conjunction with charity purpose by helding a huge dinner in the hall. There were more than 100 tables , around 1000 people attended the dinner.

Named it the snow white dress.
Vintage hang bag and shoes.

Reached there with lion dance welcoming the guest at the hall entrance.There was a lady that's disable to talk trying to sell some of the toys. The big kid in me bought these hello kitty's lamps for rm10 each.

While the dishes started to serve, performances also playing on the stage as well. These were the few first dishes that I took, after that I did not take pictures for the other dish cause I was busy enjoying. The herbal chicken soup and butter prawn were the most yummilicious food i had.

I was all night being my niece, Chloe 's babysitter. Feed her food and took care of her. She even said I dressed like her mom and called me mummy in the public. Then I counted if I were to born her, it would be at the age of 19. Young mummy!!

Spotted these pairs of black shoes. Which would be better for me?

I personally prefer the second pair. what says you?


  1. Your bag is soooooo cute! I like the 2nd pair too :) Hey dear, come & join my National Day August Bellabox + Int'l Giveaway!

  2. yesh, i like the 2nd pair as well! :D

  3. 1st pair.. GOD SO AMAZING. For you perhaps 2nd, cause you rather dress up cute and that's it, but the first has something rocker into it - i'd defo wear them! (i dress up cute too sometimes). Plus they'd me much more comfortable and much more useful than second pair