Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hola blogder-blogder sekalian, I have new love colors matching recently which are the blue and yellow. I like it  due to its striking and attention seeker characteristic just like me! You know those korean band always dress up so colorful and cheerfully which make me wanna give it a try. Somehow I feel that it would look "lala" on Malaysian due to the culture here.

Spotted this " girl next door" jumpsuit on an online blogshop.
Couldn't resist but to grab it though it's a bit pricey.
The flower details make it look a little more adorable.

Last thursaday, went for karaoke session to celebrate mandy and alice's birthday.
Blue top form F.O.S and yellow mini skirt from Taiwan.
Pull on a uniform jacket due to it was a rainy night.

Saturday morning, supposed to sleep soundly till naturally awake plus with the beautiful weather.
You just couldn't ask for more. Too bad, I have to go to school early to prepare for the coming sports day.
Yellow button top from taiwan and blue ribbon pants from time square with a green sling bag. I thought it matches well but teachers said " match? one yellow, one blue, one green. where is the match comes from? " LOL

Oh ya , I won a complimentary 2 days 1 night stay this saturday at first world hotel. Hope I can make it there.