Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It has been a while since I last update about fashion. My fashion sense has become so normal after I am together with this current boyfriend.All blame puts on him cause he prefer girls with simple dressing. I wanna find back myself so I couldn't help myself but to decide to go Time Square this sunday. I need shopping therapy to doll up myself like I used to do.

Before the weekend comes, I have checked out few online blogshop to ease my thirst. I love pretty and beautiful things. I love to be gorgeous and look " woah" whenever I go out. I wants all eyes on me - attention seeker bitch!

Here are some closet that I find them interesting and up to my taste bud. :)

Europe floral chiffon pleated dress

Europe trendy pinafore

Vintage collar long sleeves dress

Aztec print dress

Trendy chiffon blazer

That's all the interesting pieces that caught my attention. Hope you blogders like what I shared.

* My taste might be a bit weird due to a bit out of the fashion world.

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