Thursday, November 1, 2012

GENTING 20.10.2012

On a Saturday evening , it was pouring cats and dogs after my class. The boyfriend come over right after to head up to Genting . Always like to go up the hill to have enjoy the freezing weather to escape from the warm hot sunny in town.

The boyfriend's car was having technical problem so decided to drive my Myvi up. He always has the perception that my car is too small for a man to drive. Small as in the car couldn't show the manly characteristic of a guy.

My baby car ain't that bad actually. It passed many cars on the way up to Genting which kindda surprised the boyfriend. The boyfriend even complimented my baby car : " not bad eh your Myvi!" My baby car was being good  up and down the hill peacefully without lao kai.

We checked in to the hotel in First world right after we reached to settle down our luggage. The stay was free as I have won the complimentary prize from world card contest. I don't remember I have applied for a world card but my name was stated in the system. Anyway, the management let me in by just showing the prize letter.

Both of us were starving for the whole night. Finally, get to sit down and chill for dinner . Hot Pot was the best choice to warm up a little. Buffet type , take and eat as much as you could. But, we didn't manage to finish all the food we took. I was afraid the restaurant would fine us for wasting food as it stated. We just walked off without turning back. LOL

The girlfriend always like to curi curi take his picture without him realizing. I think the boyfriend look cool in this picture. I set it as his contact profile picture. He complaint that this picture couldn't see his face ,how could consider nice. I teased him by saying : " Like that only leng chai. " teehee

Dinner after, the boyfriend asked if we could have beer. Since he ask for it, then the girlfriend also accompanied. We went clou9. The sweetest thing he said " This is the first trip ans the first beer we had together." Feel happy to spend time together with him after a week of exhausting work. Excuse the boyfriend's expression above~ Went back to hotel rest after the drinking session.

The room that we got ain't that bad,as long as it is clean . One thing is that, the tv is too small for the boyfriend to watch tv to sleep. The next morning, we got up around 10ish to get ready to check out. While I was taking bath, the boyfriend made me nescafe.

The boyfriend know the girlfriend couldn't live without nescafe every single day. This was the little sweetest thing I like. Feel warmth that someone really care for me. Get back to the car to put our luggage and walk around in Genting .

Went to the theme park to have a peek. The ghost village has set up in conjunction with the coming Halloween celebration. The boyfriend's wanna enter theme park to have some fun but the girlfriend refused so we didn't.

Had my favourite hot chocolate in Starbucks. Perfect drink , perfect weather and perfect accompany. Awesome much! Oops, my name is Sherry not Sheryn anyway! I need to find out my Bcard password in order to redeem my points. I have not use the point to redeem any free drinks before.Wanted to go for 3D motion movie but have to wait for an hour queue. We rather skip for this time.

Down the hill, on the way to pagoda. Get down the car to capture this picture. Ain't this road looks like what you could see in initial D. Reminds me of my Jay chou so yeng zai! Felt a bit dizzy all the way down and it was raining in the afternoon.

The piggie boyfriend and another piggie. Best buddy ever!

The view of the pagoda.

Visited around and walked through the build up 19th floors hell.

When we were about to leave, it started to rain again. The boyfriend and I sat down and read through the cause and effect. It's quite interesting to find out more. I enjoyed the feeling that we finish reading a book together even for a short while just to wait for the rain stops. On the way back home, the boyfriend said " We almost spend 24 hrs together." He counts all this little things . sweet~

At night, we went back to town and headed to ss2 mall to have my favoutite chatime. The boyfriends didn't find the drink nice. And, also bought some gift for my babies in DIY shop. Surprisingly, there were lotsa stuff to choose from head to toe, kitchen ,and car accessories etc. I spotted a big doll and I am gonna get it if i were to go there again.

I had a memorably trip with the love. Wish there is more to come . :)


  1. Fabulous 24 hours...its amazingly sweet of your boyfie to note that down! A gem indeed in a bloke!