Thursday, November 8, 2012


Time passes so slow yet so fast at the same time.  Slow as in the boyfriend and I have officially being together for only two months. Fast cause school holiday is starting , two months for me to rest. To be exact is stress, will be attending teaching course and also busy preparing school workload. F*** my holiday!

Anyway, I am so looking forward for November and December to come. I assumed it's gonna end beautifully.Gonna celebrate my birthday real soon. Planning to throw a party at Zouk to dance my ass off! In need to release my wildness, it has been keeping inside of me for so long. Plus, J.Lo will be performing in Malaysia. The boyfriend promise to go with me. Excited !

Been blasting this song every single day no failed. So amazed with her hotness, sexiness, voice ,etc . Everything bout her ! I have love her for long time.

Definitely go for J.Lo!

I even plan to get this dress from online blogshop to join a contest in order to win J.LO concert tickets. The dress itself also cost almost rm200. Why not purchase the tickets straightaway? The boyfriend suggested.

Been hoping the day to come so I could see the hot mama perform live. Gonna hit the sack now to blast the music in my dream. Good nighto!

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  1. I admire her. She's one of those strong, independent women :) I was also listening to the same song!