Tuesday, December 25, 2012


A night before the christmas was supposed to spend precious time with the baby boy but we didn't make it. The night I ended up with Pipillar and HK series to sleep. Although it sounds kindda pitiful but it was alright. Baby boy did apologized and I am trying my very best to be an understanding girlfriend. Yesh, I did improved a lot yet I am still improving.

Chirstmas gift preparation for the love ones. Giving is such a beautiful feeling you could ever ask for. When you see your love ones received the gift with a smile in return, you will feel the love.

Colorful Pipilar accompanied me to watch HK series - Aristocratic Family .
I'm so into the story to the extend I did cried in several scenes.

This was the picture I whatssap baby boy at 12 am sharp to wish him. I added in the christmas hat and wording to make it look more adorable. I even told him the big  fat gingerbread man is him, I am the little tiny one hiding behind him.  ( I am lame...)

 The next day, I woke up quite early to pack some of my clothes to give away. I always have a bad headache in clearing my closet. Seriously * I did tell myself not to purchase online anymore but I just couldn't help it. Not gonna simply purchase anymore, only for several trusted online blogshop. I wanna save money for my future family sake. ( okay, a bit think too far I know.)

Baby boy went back home early in the morning since yesterday night met up late with his buddies. Therefor, I knew he is not gonna wake up early . I didn't expect we gonna be out in the morning. I spend my whole day after series one to another episodes. Baby boy called me around 3 something to date me out at night as he promised. We went to pyramid.

Baby boy started of the night by bringing me to Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.The waiter whom served us was friendly . We chilled there drinking beer before dinner talked about what are we gonna up to in next year.It was so wrong to drink with empty stomach. Both of us felt a bit tipsy after that. We quickly set off to have dinner after finish the beer.

Christmas decoration outside the mall . Jingle bell hanging up up in the sky. You could feel the festive ambient. It was lovely.

It was totally a bad idea to choose to dine at Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza. Mummy cooked me pasta at home in the afternoon yet I still asked for it at night. Insane after the beer I guess. The food there wasn't really suits my taste bud.

The pattern duo duo baby boy. Beh tahan!

We went for groceries shopping before going home . For the first time yours truly didnt buy anything , on the other hand the bf shop quite a lot today. He is the "lady" today I proclaimed. 

This is the first time I spend my christmas without partying for no purpose. I am happy to spend my ever first christmas with my baby boy and i wish  we will be spending in up coming years. ( Santa, pls grant my wish)

Once again, merry christmas to everyone!

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