Sunday, December 30, 2012


28 December 2012

Supposed to give baby boy a surprise on that day. Was all ready to go redeem his belated christmas gift. Went down to Midvalley with mummy. It was jam all the way makes me quite frustrated. Once arrived  , I climbed the stairs to the building opposite where bf and I went there before to redeem some contest passes. Took lift to 15th floor and found out that it wasn't the company that I am searching. Went down back again to midvalley side office lots. Finally , mummy and I get there. Showed the person incharge with the fine print redemption and patiently waiting for him to search for my order. After 10 minutes waiting, the person came and tell me that the thing I order wasn't here yet still importing. I was truly disappointed cause he said have to take another week more. Means I could only pass the christmas gift to baby boy next year. It's consider new year gift already, damn it!!!

The date of self collection is on 28 December 2012. :(

Walked away with disappointed mood. Since the main purpose couldn't fulfill anymore. We went to Aeon to buy daddy CNY clothes. This time I sponsored. Daddy like it very much. I am happy too. Next, is to get mummy something. Maybe a branded handbag?

Mummy and I went to The Garden to have brunch.The choices of food in menu was very limited. I didn't really can find what to eat. We just ordered local food as the simplest choice. I don't like mummy's hairstyle after she permed, make her face looks like bloated. hahaha...

Mummy's char keow teow.
Looks nice, taste not bad as well.

Nasi lemak for myself.
I still prefer Old Town's one.

Christmas decoration in Midvalley. I only manage to see the decoration in Sunway pyramid since I celebrated there. So this is another one . I wish to have a gingerbread man patung every year for christmas but still I have not get it. :(

Lastly, my ootd#

I named it corak-corik skirt for only rm25.

Unusual friday night didn't meet up with the boyfriend due to the next morning have to go back to school for work. We spend precious time on saturday though. Will update about my saturday night tomorrow.