Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Public school holidays ain't a real rest  and relax days for me.  Most of the people have the perception that being a kindergarten teacher is as simple as teaching ABC and 123. For those days before, it might seems like that. However, the education system is developing to more emphasize on pre-school. 

Pre-school is the basic where children get their very first knowledge from their comfort zone. Adaption of new environment and faces, socialize with sharing and caring, be independent and helpful, from the simple wordings to sentences and etc. The learning progress of students day by day is the achievement of a kindergarten teacher.

I could tell I am very proud to be a pre-school teachers. Children's happiness is my happiness as well. Though sometime they might be a little naughty and playful. When you could really get along with children, they would love you like how much  you love them . Thank God I have found the right job to fill my life with colors.

A true story from a lecturer during the course : Teacher's Day, all the student's would give teachers gift with nicely wrapped . There;s this poor kid couldn't afford to buy a gift to his teacher. He ended up wrapping the one and only pencil he use everyday to his beloved teacher to show his appreciation . 

( This student inspired me a lot .  I prefer my children to make me card or some DIY decoration instead of buying expensive gift to me. I keep every single things that my children gave me eventhough it's just a drawing or sticker.)

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