Saturday, May 11, 2013


Sincerely apologize for the hiatus again. I have been abandon this corner for so long due to my pack schedule. Here I am again to put in some content to make it fulfill. A random post to update what I am up to recently.

Started to like drawing and coloring after I join the iron man contest by nuffnang, I didnt get to watch premier unfortunately. Produce few drawing after the days. My level of patience is very short term, I just manage to have two pictures.

My little pony

Chibi Maruko Chan

My drawing is so ugly to the extend people thought that it was my student's drawing.

Mother's day card idea out of no where, just wanna kick away the traditional old school style which is the FLOWER. Handbag go for this time!

One fine tuesday, outing with sister and mummy to the mall. using instant camera to take picture.  somehow my sister look like japanese on the most right picture.

The boyfriend know I am a garbage collector. Whatever sial also I will make it as collection. One of them would be badges. He saw me happy to win many badges from nuffnang. Therefore, he got me this from the election pre ceramah in stadium.

Life is good and bored at the same time. Move on instead of staying at the same spot!

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