Sunday, April 14, 2013


Furniture shopping is one of  my favorites time spending. Imagine how am I gonna decorate my little lovely house in future. I don't need a big and spacious house, preferable to have a well decorated ambient. Most importantly comfortable and simply relaxing that makes you feel like going nowhere but home after work. That's what you named it 'HOME'! :)

In the afternoon, sis. mum , cousin and I headed to Oriental Pavilion Restaurant to have brunch. I don't really fancy dim sum , rather go for fast food. Quick, fast and easy , still we get the same end result -----> 'FULL'.

The dishes served on the table was a little too much for four ladies.

Brunch after, i suggested to go Ikea and The Curve. It was a wrong idea to go The Curve on weekdays as the street market is only available on weekends.Nothing much to shop in the mall. All we did is walk around Ikea to admire those beautiful interior design.

Outfit of the day :

Gold cross black top frm Bangkok
Lacey net skirt from Bangkok

Beautiful shapes lights.

In the end of the end, I only got myself a heart shape lamp. Still don't know how to screw it. Hope my man can help me do it. I wanna hang it on the wall and surround it with all the pictures i took with my boyfriend.

Wait for the boyfriend text is like waiting forever.

Good night. XOXO

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