Saturday, July 24, 2010


Things kept bothering me from a good sleep since I found out what you did.
I was pissed and upset why you treat me this way. Are you that hate me?
Given you a whole day to make explanation but you didn't. I made the first move again.
Always I'm the one to blame when comes to conflict within us.
I wouldn't care much what you did to me but you said will tell me what's wrong when you meet me. I wonder when will we ever meet again
And then you end chat without replying the text as usual.

Apart from that, I had a happy news. I got contact back with Yong Sheung.
He admired me during highschool but sadly we didn't get to be together. (he wasn't my
I still remember he first told me he has feeling for me was at A&W with the help of his bunch of brothers.
I was so nervous and don't know what to react when guys tell me they have feelings for me.
I feel "geli " and my bulu roma will stand ya know. I'm not lesbian. (make it clear)*
There's even once I plug away my housephone line and remove the battery from my mobile so that the guy admire me couldn't get to contact me.

Oops! I think I had out of the topic. Let's get back to the track.

Today is a big day for Evon as the four ji muis gonna gather to celebrate her birthday.
Eunice dropped her car at my place around 6.25pm and used my car for outing I suggested.
I failed in reversing my car again from my house and stopped by at a narrow road in my housing area. Cars which passed by were difficult to cross but drivers were generous enough not to gimme a honk.
Went to fetch Evon at Kelana Jaya. This was the first time she experienced my driving skill. She was damn 'kan cheong'. "I'm gonna sing, not gonna look in front." she said.
Followed by Suet's place at Aman Suria. Suet was like " Woah!!! Cheok finally you can drive." Everyone gimme a round applause when we were safe to reach two places.
Next, Evon took my place and drive to the mall.

Camwhored a little since 'm not the one driving.

The b'day girl wanted to go Dave's at first.
The idea changed after she saw Pasta Zanmai.

The taste-so-good fruit tea juice jug for four.


I looked like a giant beside Suet.

The birthday girl. (L) with Eunice.

My pasta.

Sher and Evon.


The birthday girl.

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The four of us.

After dinner, the birthday girl suggested foe movie so walked to GSC.
Almost all the movies on screen was selling fast.
Changed to TGV and bought tickets for 'Streetdance.'
There were still half an hour before movie so we went for sticker pictures.
We girls claimed that we were really old enough for this.

From the machine.

Close up.

The movie "Streetdance' is awesome rate 8/10.
I could feel Carly left by his dislike-commitment bf.
She tried to reach the bf but no reply.
One day, her friend called the bf with her phone and told him he was dumped.
Then, the next day the bf came back and find Carly again.
Carly try not to forgive him but she just couldn't make it so they were together for a night.
Later, she was so sad when she found out that the bf cheated on her by joining another dance group.
At the same time, the ballet guy was always there for herto concern and take care of her.
They were together in the end.

I'm going through all this shit now. And I'm awaiting for my 'ballet boy' next.

I realize that street dancer often wear half-cut-top.
My red Roxy top to show how into am I after watching this movie.

That's all for tonight.
Sweet dream*


  1. Happy birthday to your friend!

  2. pls send my birthday wishes to your friends too.. hehe! :P

  3. sticker picture... wow.. it was like 'n' years back when i took one too..
    btw, the birthday gal looks pretty..
    haha.. its her birthday so i need to praise her

  4. sonny: thanx
    KF: ys, she is pretty.

  5. happy birthday too to ur fren XD

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  6. nice seeing you enjoying yourself !!